Bed Support Height Function

Hi Folks.
I use the Emblaser2 and up until I purchased the LB key it worked fine. Since activating it I no longer have the Bed Support Height option to tell the machine the bed mats are 10mm. Ive reactivated the Z Axis but cant get LB to let me choose more than Material Thickness.
As mentioned, everthing was working until now. DOes anyone have any advice on what to do? Ive tried to re add Smotthie but for some reason it wont recognise the USB. I have to do it manually now.
I didnt buy LB via Darkly Labs, am I missing something? Darkly doesnt have any other files that Im missing.
Thanks for any help.

I’m not familiar - where did you control ‘bed support height’ previously?

Hi. It used to sit next to Material Height in the Cut/Layers Panel. It was an option that you could enter the same as material thickness. Im using a work around and just adding the bed height to my material thickness. Not hard to do but that little box was super handy as complete beginners use the machine so anything to make the intro easier is helpful.

If you haven’t got ‘relative z moves’ set in edit > device settings, it’s removed to save GUI real estate.

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