"Beefy" Stepper Recommendation

Anyone have a recommendation or advice on my Z stepper? I think it may be under sized for my bed’s weight (or perhaps I need to adjust the settings). It commonly skips steps when raising or lowering the bed (just while initiating the motor - never while moving). The bed is pretty heavy at 36" x 24". I attached pictures of my motor and driver.

The bed doesn’t have a bind to it and freely moved manually (tested this when I was leveling the bed).

I have tried adjusting the ruida controller settings for the Z, but this has not helped. Any suggestions?

The motor is a Jie Mei Hong three-phase stepper motor 57J1276-526-L-B1.

Is the stepper motor warm - too hot too keep a finger on it? If not, then I would try to increase the current settings using the dip switches on the driver.

Thanks. I just did it and it helps a little. I set it to the max 8.4A Peak 6.0A RMS. I was already just one setting down from that anyway. Motor is not hot at all. It is only ever so slightly warm. I may just need to replace this stepper with something stronger.

You might also try reducing the acceleration settings.

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I thought so as well. I lowered acceleration, Jumpoff speed, and E-Stop Acceleration incrementally. I’ve been adjusting step length and max speed as well. After reading up on the topic of stepper skipping, it may be possible that a contributing factor may be mechanical within the belt and motor mount (having too much springiness to it). I may need to start with adding a steel plate to the bottom of the machine where the motor mounts. Right now, the thick motor bracket is secured only to the bottom of the machine’s 16 gauge steel (and the motor can be seen flexing the mounting point). This combined with a very long belt may just be introducing too much backlash.

There are a few things (make that a lot of things) that could have been done better in the way Unique CNC built the motorized bed’s drive component’s mounts.