Been banging my against the wall for almost a month now and starting to lose hope. Please help

I purchase a K40 laser the bulb eventually went bad so I purchased a 100 watt replacement bulb and a 100 watt power supply for it, bulb is a MCW I believe and the lps is a cloud ray myjg 100 I could not get it to work for the life of me and I thought for sure the board was bad cause of me messing it up. So I purchased a smoothieboard 5x and installed it and it started working again so I was super happy. Well in the website it tells you that you need to update fffirmware cause yours is more than likely out of date, so crethat’s what I did and now I’m back where I was with nothing working. Firmware. Bin will not charge to Firmware.Cur I think that I accidentally formatted the boot loader and screwed it all up but I don’t know and I am really hating life right now cause this shouldn’t be this difficult. I would appreciate any help. I’m post pics in a minute.

This indicates a PC problem to me…

this is my wiring

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