Beginner Mode for CAD?

While I use one computer for design and the other for mostly cutting.
I use beginner mode to design because the assistants are simpler and for me at least quicker than sorting through icons to align or clicking then then ctrl +Z to reverse and go to next to get my Boolean operation.
I know this is technically a feature request, but I would like to get feedback from other users if they think that more icons in the toolbars are more efficient than less icons and being able to hover and see results with the assistants. Which do you like better?



We are always interested in feedback, and continue to discuss / refine the user experience. Thank you. Access to the Boolean Assistant using the menu or Hotkey is also available. :wink: We have gone back and forth on access to the Alignment Helper. The current collection of icons consumes little space, are prominently and centrally located at the top of the main UI. The Align Tools Helper is available while in Beginner Mode only at this time, correct.

I’m not a hotkey guy. I’m a right click context guy.
I’m a minimalist. I think this
Vs this

is a significant difference in space. Plus, the two icons that could be eliminated on the Boolean side.
I was just trying to get some feedback about what other users think because we all have different ways of accessing functions.

This is why there are options. I for one prefer the option with all the icons, I don’t what to have to left click, choose right click. Have them there, click the one I want and lets get going. I am also a keyboard short cut guy, they are worth learning.

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I think assistants are faster. Don’t have to sort through each one. Click the assistant and hover over until you get desired result.


Don’t get me wrong I like the simpler easier ways, but I prefer the option with all of the icons, because it forces me to learn the complete software.

although some of which I’ll probably never use.

I just don’t want to be like my parents who struggled using the VCR :exploding_head:
and always asking what’s this button do, and can take a look at this thing it isn’t working. :smiley:

Being software challenged, I like things as simple and straight forward as possible. I got Lightburn primarily for the CAD as programs like Inkscape where way to intimidating. So, for me reducing icons on the menus is less stressful.
On a positive note, I hear that customizing your icons is in the works.

Please - do say more. :slight_smile:

Things slip out I guess.

Thank you for the reference. I just wanted to ensure you are getting your info from a reliable Sorcerer. :mage: :wink:

You didn’t know? Don’t you guys talk to each other?

Oh, I am aware. Just having a bit of a play, hope that is ok. :wink: We have seen remarks and postings about “upcoming” or “they are working on…” stuff that comes as a surprise and news to us.

As a high-level task, we are working to provide greater flexibility in the layout or workflow the best fits one’s process. This includes adding tools to adjust the UI, specifically the toolbar locations and layout. This is going to take time, but yes, on our roadmap of ‘ToDos’. :slight_smile:

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My dry humor doesn’t translate to text well. For that matter it struggles even face to face.
Maybe I should use more emojis.