Beginner mode how to get out of it

so i have the mira 9 and it came with lightburn but i believe the license is only good for year but not sure anyway how do i get it out of beginner mode ?

Edit->Settings->Beginner Mode

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OMG how the hell did i miss that ? lol i was all over the settings menu looking and didn’t even see that thank you so much

The fact that it was the first thing listed probably didn’t help you… probably just glossed over it.

yeah true . I’m just a knuckle head and like you said being at the top i wasn’t looking there

By the way, just noticed I missed a part of your original post. The one year license is the duration for which you are eligible for newer versions of the software. However, whatever versions that were released during your one year eligibility period or older are available to you in perpetuity. Meaning, if there was a version that worked for you, wanted to stick with, and had no interest in future functionality you would not need to renew after the one year period.

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