Beginner's Problems

I’m knew to laser engraving and looking for tips. I have the Yora 6550 with a 40w laser diode.
Looking for recommendations on the following:

  1. Such as best types of wood to engrave?
  2. Does wood need prepped before engraving?

Any help with these issues will be gladly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

JMichael, thank you for responding.
I plan on laser engraving on wood. I’m not sure of the most suitable wood species for this.
Also, I was curious as to what preparation of the wood if any needed to be done?

40w diode laser

Everything you have asked is in my post. I think you need to read it before replying
Please just move along, you’re annoying…

No need to push a helpful member away. The questions being asked are intended to help folks “see” what you are after. Please play nice.

As for,

That is like asking which beach is best to walk on. That depends on what the definition of “best” is. This is a personal preference. All woods can be engraved using a laser, but the results very much depend on the power of the laser and the hardness of the wood, along with the design and desired final look you are after.

No prep is required, but you may find some work produces better with some prep to the wood first. Look up “Baking Soda wood prep” here and you can see what that is about.

If you are willing to share a bit more about what your desired goal is, folks here have a ton of very useful knowledge and are willing to share with those that play nice. :slight_smile:


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