Belt interference while engraving

I really need to figure this out. Tightening / loosening the x axis belt doesn’t change anything or seem to have any affect on this at all. Changing speeds / power doesn’t affect it. The lines match up perfectly with the teeth of the x axis belt. My lenses and mirrors all appear to be seated and not vibrating or moving around.

My next guess is it’s the pullies or the x axis stepper that connect to the x axis belt. They don’t appear to be loose or wobbly though. If it’s not either of those, then maybe it’s the linear rail or bearings sitting on it? The head is solid and doesn’t wobble around when I move it. The linear rail isn’t visibly scored or messed up.

Any ideas? Does anyone know of a better place to go to post issues like this for general co2 laser stuff? How about the most effective way to pull all of my hair out at once?

Is your belt worn? If the belt teeth have worn down a little then there will be a slight delay when the next tooth is caught up by the gear, which will cause a tiny shock. Just spitballing – how old is the belt/machine?

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Time ago in rdworks forum this theme was discussed
I think that part of solution was change the synchronous belt pulleys for flat belt pulleys in the opposite extreme of step motor
Now i think in cnczone forum like other place to search

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Probably 3 - 4 years old. It hasn’t been well maintained, either. I should probably just do a tuneup on it and replace belts, pulleys, and probably linear bearings and rails while I’m at it. I’m hoping to fix this easily enough though to keep the work moving along.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by ‘opposite extreme’. Can you explain that like I’m 5 years old?

I´am sorry, english is not my natural language ! sometimes i use the traslator, sometimes i try to write without it to practice
with “opposite extreme” i try to say the free pulleys, the other pulleys except the pulley of stepper motor

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Something like this?

Yes ! this type of pulleys
I cant find the post in rdworks forum…

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Someone associated with the RDWorksLab forum apparently deleted the forum and left in a huff a few months ago, so that might be the reason if that was the forum you were searching.