Benbox +lightburn

Console on startup looks like this. Machine is Aduino328

Waiting for connection…
Waiting for connection…
benbox laser 3.1© mul 2015.06.06

Have setup job origin the lower right, as well as marking home as 0,0

have selected and image to begin burning and i get :
Project loaded in 3 milliseconds
Starting stream
unknow M9
unknow M2
Stream completed in 0:00

What am I missing? Firmware is set to GRBL-M3 1.1e or earlier

Your actual machine firmware is Benbox, not GRBL, and Benbox is not supported by LightBurn. You would need to change the firmware to a supported version of GRBL.

Does anyone happen to have competent Firmware,somewhere that I can install. I should be able to do it through Ben box, unless Lightburn has feature to update firmware

We do not. :slight_smile:

I was able to download 1.1e, 1.1f and 1.1h and update my firmware to each.

Currently running 1.1h. I can now at lease use the trace function but still have yet to fire the laser

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