Bend a pattern around a shape

Is there a way to bend a vector border around a shape? Specifically I have a complex border pattern I want to burn onto a circle without having to node edit it to fit. I understand that you can bend text to a shape but can you do the same thing to a complex straight border pattern?

Depending on the circumstances you may be able to use Arrange->Copy along path. This will take an existing shape or group of shapes and copy that shape along the path defined by another shape.

The tool is a bit finicky. One tip is to position the reference shape at the cut start point of the shape used for the path. This keeps the behavior fairly predictable. The shaped used for path is defined by the last item added to a set of selected objects.

That helps. A repeating pattern needs to be manually
Wrapp d with the right curvature for the specific radius being used. I can then see how it fits then make further adjustments.’


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