Bend Acrylic future

Good evening. I was using RDWORKS and I tested lightburn. I loved it very good! Despite being expensive in Brazil, I bought it anyway. I hope it evolves more and more. Today I miss something that I can’t do with corel, folding acrylic virtually to preview some work. I know it’s another philosophy to work with 3D, but is there any possibility that lightburn will ever do that?

I am curious if you can provide an example of what you’re describing. It sounds interesting.

Do you mean using the transform function to make it look like it’s bent around an object?

This i made in solidworks. Simples bends

I don’t know how it could be done, but the idea is to define the fold location, material thickness and angle.

In solidworks, we create the sheet, define thickness and then insert the fold, informing the fold angle and length of the next part.

It is relatively simple to do this in solidworks, but it is one more application with many features just to do something visual.

Maded some holes for exemple.

Sounds like this sort of process:

Not exactly the same process. but the result is the same.

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