Bending a Border Vector Along an Oval Shape

I have a vector border - heart and flourish that I would like to bend along an oval plaque border. I can see how to bend text but not a vector. See picture.

Thank you,
Rob Sandstrom

The only way I have been able to do that task is to edit the nodes and create the contour by hand. It is a laborious endeavor. I will be happy to see what the membership has to offer as a solution.

Thank you. At the moment I wasn’t going to try to do all of the individual nodes. Hopefully someone has a more efficient idea.

You may be able to get a reasonable version of this using the new Tools->Deform selection tool.



Wahoo! You taught me a new trick! Thank you so very much.


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Thank you. As you suggest not perfect, but this helps and gets me a reasonable result. Thank you so much. Rob Sandstrom

Thanks for the update on the Tool / deform tool… plenty of ideas and possibilities here!!!

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