Bending objects

Hello. Is there a way of bending objects. I have traced picture of mountains and now I want to bend it into a circle, making a wooden bracelet.

There was a tool added recently that you could use to do this. Likely not the ideal tool for this instance but can get the job done.

Look under Tools->Deform Selection.

This is why people purchase a rotary… are you using one?


I have a rotary but one can’t cut plywood in that way.

Do you bend it after you engrave it?

Maybe if you sketch out what you are doing more clearly, we can help…


No engraving. Just cut round plywood pieces that have the contour of mountains for example.

You mean like the text bend tool? I can do that in Gimp… . I would suspect there’s a way, but I’m too new with LB to help.

Thanks for the suggestion. But too hard to get it good.

Yes, like the text bend. How would you do it in Gimp? I can use it then trace the image in LB.

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