Bending Text for engraving

I was watching a video on bending text and I cannot get this Blue dot. Is there a newer way of doing this in the most recent software version

What version of LightBurn are you using? Text bending was introduced in 0.9.12.

A couple of things to watch out for:

  1. The object you’re trying to bend must be actual text. It cannot be a object in the shape of a text. In others words, if it was once text but converted to path then it will not work.
  2. The blue dot used to bend will appear after you select the text
  3. The blue dot may not appear directly on the text as some things can affect dot placement. Select the text and look around the text in case it’s not in the normal spot.

Thank you for responding, I am running the latest version. Now when you say actual text do you mean text created in Lightburn? I did create a text in Inkscape and imported it and it does not show up the blue dot… So I created the same text in LightBurn and the same occurs. Not sure what I am doing Note; I am using a Christmas Font.

Ok never mind, I figured it out. I did not see the blue dot the first time I did this, newbie here still learning Lol. Your right I created a text and clicked on the arrow and whala there it was.

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