Best board for cnc engraver

hi i am new to laser engraving and i purchased a universal engraver and i am just now figuring out that my board must have a older version of GRBL because when i try to engrave a photo in lightburn it takes forever because the laser stops moving quite a bit. i read an earlier post about the $32=1 setting and when i looked at it on my settings it says “motor lock bool” the same problem as the person the person had in the earlier post and the answer was to try and flash the board to GRBL 1.1. My question is would it be easier to buy a new board and if so what one would be good?

My opinion: You will need a Windows Computer, Flash the Board. It isn’t any big deal.
Someone will jump in here and tell you explicitly how to Flash the drive if you do not know how.

Yeah, I will need some direction on how to do it. Any help is much appreciated.

You can flash an Arduino equally as easily on Linux or Mac, as on a windows box.

Do you have google?

Yes I have google

Thank you Bo, I will try this tonight.

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