Best cut and fill settings with the least burn marks on a 60w CO2 laser

So, since I’m still very new to laser cutting and engraving, I hope to get some tips to get the best cutting and fill settings for my 60w CO2 laser. We already found some templates for engrave settings from 10% to 100% power and from 100 to 400 speed. This was very helpful! But how can I find the best cut setting without the black edge?

I used 9,5mm thick multiplex wood we had laying around and the edges are very dark and hard to clean. I read somewhere on this forum that with the best settings, the least you have to clean up.

Hope to get some tips from you all! Very grateful for this amazing forum!

great keep up with the good work.

You are actually doing what you need to do. Test, test and test, be sure to record your results so that you can keep track of what works well for you.

Sooner than you realize things will start to fall into place.

It’s not a ‘plug and play’ job. Each machine and material brings it’s own considerations and challenges.

But it’s enjoyable and great when it comes right. ,:grin:

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