Best DSP Controller for grayscale?

I’m in the planning stage of a DIY CO2 laser and LightBurn looks like a great program. Since it has grayscale support, I figured I might as well plan for a DSP that can handle grayscale. I realize that grayscale is hard to pull off on CO2 lasers, but I would like to just have the option in the future.

What is the best DSP controller for greyscale engraving?

If you have a 40w tube it might work, especially if you defocus a bit. With anything much stronger than that you just end up vaporizing at variable depth, which itself is pretty cool. The Ruida 6442 or 6445 would be my preference for a DSP. I don’t see any real difference in grayscale handling between them and the Trocen AWC708, but I slightly prefer the way the Ruida works in general.

Thunder Laser did this with a Ruida controller and LightBurn:

Variable depth is actually more what I wanted. Great. Thanks! I’ll go for the 6445.

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