Best Known Method connecting lighburn cam over CAT6 ethernet cable

Hi All

im struggling to connect a new Lightburn cam to my NOVA24 Laser located in a different room (~15m distance), I’ve understood that USB cable is not that reliable for such distance and it’s better to connect the CAM via ethernet cable, and this is what I’ve done, i’ve streamed line an CAT6 ethernet cable with 2 adapters (USB–>RJ5), unfortunately, the computer does recognize the CAM, but no picture is being streamed… any ideas? what is the best-known method connecting CAM at such distance?

any help is highly appreciated.

you need an active usb cable to reach that length… Ive had mixed results with usb over cat5

Exactly how did you do this?


You could look at Virtualhere. I use it with a RPi v1 to connect to my small laser. USB things didn’t work very well in the noisy shop. So RPi and VirtualHere to the rescue. You connect the device to the RPi, it’s routed through ethernet to a computer running a client. A USB port is created by VH client and you have a wireless USB connection. Linux has a USB/ip protocol built into the system. Kinda complicated to setup though.

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