Best material for stampers

(Thomas Trostel) #1

Hi there,

My wife found a design she would like me to make into a rubber stamper. I have purchased some questionable material from Amazon and don’t really want to repeat that particular experience even though it was clearly marked as “for laser engraving”.

Does anyone here have experience cutting these with Lightburn software and may I ask what materials you chose and what settings you used?

I appreciate any and all advice.



(Rick James) #2

Do a quick search to find this:

No personal experience with this company.

(Hank Morgan) #3

I’ve burned through most of a sheet of [](this stuff) so far and it seems to work pretty well.

With an 80 watt laser I scan designs at 250mm/sec and 38% max power, 8% min power.
18mm/sec @ 60% power to cut.

Note that I’ve been using RDworks for stamps so I can use the “ramp” feature, which is why I specify a minimum power for scans.

LOL… don’t forget to mirror your image before burning! I have a return address stamp here that prints backwards…

(HN) #4

Not sure the product you used but this has worked great. I have bought multiple times with consistent results.

(Oz) #5

Trotec sells excellent quality laser engravable rubber stamp material: