Best powerfull laser module to replace eleksmaker 2.5 W

Hi. What do you recommend to replace my eleksmaker 2.5W , i mean to get the most higher laser diode module power and good reliability ?



Ii just replied to your questions about NWT method for lasering ceramic tiles in another thread. Somewhat related is your question here…

I’d keep and use the 2.5W laser to laser the tiles. A good replacement laser is a Neje A40640 dual-diode laser (~15W optical output power) from here. It’s what I use to easily cut the 3mm plywood to make the little display stand for the tiles, or a small photo. It’s a little pricey ($249) but worth every penny IMO for what it enables me to do. It’s a pretty common 3-wire hookup similar to most – +12V/Gnd/PWM – and a little interface board is provided to possibly simplify pulling those signals from whatever controller board on your Eleksmaker machine.

– David

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