Best pratice to engrave mirror acrylic?

There’s such a lot of great advice here :blush: To add a little something to the mix is trying a slight de-focus. You can maintain power and speed settings, just take the focus off perfect especially with a shorter focal length lens.

Everything else is also relevant and especially the acrylic type. The cast is slightly more expensive but returns consistency in buckets.

The world outside the Elmer glue company calls that PVA glue

I’m with Jeff on this - masking causes more issues than it solves

Not just the acrylic type but the brand can have the biggest effect

I have two sheets of extruded ‘acrylic’ of the same thickness and they behave completely differently - one is pmma, the other is a mystery - probably pmma, but a very different composition

The branded, known one, I bought from the sign supplies in NZ is consistent, the one I bought in Asia from a plastics warehouse is incapable of a decent engraving and I keep it for cutting only. I have one sheet left which will be gone soon

Thank you so much everyone for good advices, I’m amazed, really.
I am working on sheets of extruded acrylic, that’s for sure, as it seems quite impossible to source cast mirror acrylic (I’m in Italy, by the way). I will try all your very precious advices this weekend, as I have the machine at my parent’s house.
And yes, I confirm, I’m with a Reci W4 tube. About this, I have a doubt: I’m not running it above 60% power, manual says to keep it under 24-26mA to extend its life.
At first use, I started at 5% power and increased until mA gauge reached that limit (at 60% power). am I doing it right?
I also noticed that tube won’t fire if power is set less than 9-10%.

You need to calibrate your laser PSU before any of the percentage of power settings make any sense.

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