Best settings for cutting acrylic?

I made an assortment of acrylic step gauges with 1/2 mm steps. I find “best focus” for a given lens and then mark the correct step with a sharpie. It makes it easy to adjust focus and to “subtract” focus height for thick materials.
Here’s a lbrn file for a couple of the ones I made.
focus gauge 10a.lbrn (219.1 KB)

Pro TIp: Make them out of brightly colored acrylic instead of clear, because when you lay the clear ones down they “hide” and play hard to find.

hi Salc thanks for the focus gauge file really help me out

I have a 100W CO2 laser, i cut acrylic 20 mm with a speed of 3mm/s and 65% of power in 1 cut.
When i try to go faster then i need a secund pass.
You can see on the letter R that i needed 2 passes, the circular block was obtained with a speed of 3mm/s and 65% power. Speed ​​isn’t always the best.