Best settings, for the city map

Hello, I installed a new laser and I am using lightburn for it.
Currently I have the problem, that the city map I wanted to engrave, take very long. 4 hours for 400mmx400mm.
In addition to that I think it doesn`t use the whole capacity of the laser.

Does anyone know, whats the best setting to engrave a city map.

I am using the atomstack X7 laser

here is a picture of the whole addtional setting i use

Currently it looks like this,…

But I would like to have this result…

The primary issue is unlikely to be related to settings. Or at least you have other issues to deal with first.

The image that you’re using is much too low resolution to burn properly. This is why you see stair stepping not only in the image but also in the final result.

Typically these maps are built using vector representations of the map data. You could still use a raster version if you had a sufficiently high resolution version.

I’d suggest starting there.

Hello Berain,
Thanks for the reply. The picture resolution is very good.
After reviewing my settings, I figured out, that my s-max. Wert settings where set as 250.
I changed it to 1000, and now I have the full power of the system.

Unfortunatelly, the picture takes still 3 hours, for 350mmx350mm.
Does anybody know, if thats normal? of if I can improve it?

These are my settings.

That would for sure be a problem.

However, are you certain you don’t also have a resolution and image quality problem?

I can literally see the artifacting in the screenshots.

Can you take a screenshot of Preview?

Or otherwise upload the .lbrn file here for review?

Sorry for the late response, i was on vacation.
Here is the file.
Unfortunately i can`t upload the lightburnfile because it is bigger than 4MB

Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

Not sure if the forum may have changed the image at all but it looks to me like the image is native 144 DPI assuming 1920x1920 at 338x338mm. If you set DPI to 254 LightBurn will need to extrapolate the additional data required to make up the difference.

If you can get a vector representation of the map data that would like to be superior and also allow for scaling. Or else I think you might benefit from an even higher resolution image if you’re looking for an even cleaner output.

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