Best Spray Bottle for TO2 So Far

I picked up a cheap spray bottle from Dollar Tree that held “Sure Scents” air

freshener. I dumped the stinky liquid and added my solution of TO2, white acrylic paint, food colouring and water. The sprayer sprays a wide mist so make sure you have paper or plastic down, but the results are even and smooth.
The solution is made using a 118ml bottle of white acrylic paint; 3 tablespoons of TO2; some red food colouring and enough water to make a sprayable solution.
I’ve attached the results, including the spray bottle with the solution in it and one of the sprayed tiles. The dragon with the “N” on it was made using a NEJE Max4. The one with the “T” was made with a Thunder Fusion.


I bet the large ratio of paint really helps lay down a nice layer of the TiO2 and the red tint certainly also helps. Very clever!

The paint allows me to use it on ceramic cups in the rotator, yet rinses off easily.
The sprayer with the scent in it was about $1.50 Canadian. I bought 5 bottles expecting it to clog easily but the first one is still working great after 2 months.
I also put 3 small nuts in the bottom of the sprayer to make it easier to mix evenly by shaking it. It works way better than the food oil sprayer I bought previously.

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