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In RD works there’s a ‘bestrew’ function and I wondered if it’s hiding somewhere in Lightburn? I find this really useful when cutting multiples - I can easily fill my sheet of acrylic just popping in the sheet sizes. Plus adding and removing multiples is really simple. I know there’s the grid array, but this isn’t really working how I’d like (I’m currently drawing the sheet size I want and then adding multiples using the grid array), and I just wondered if I had missed that option.

Thank you!

using the matrix array, it shows the total size of the array at the bottom.
Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 20.07.25

Ah yes, but it doesn’t have the function to just auto fill the size?

Not at this time, no. But it would likely be easy enough to add. We’ve already got an updated grid array tool coming, so I’ll look into adding a similar option.

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Great, thanks for the information, I’ll keep an eye out for the update.

I’m not sure if this is in the updated grid tool, but I find the ability to adjust the array in RD Works really helpful. I can just select that I want so many along the x and the y, 1mm apart and it creates the array, I can then tweak this to go back to 1 item, or change the array for a different sheet of material etc.

Yup, new array is entirely “virtual” so you can change it after the fact.


It is again a very fine development of a tool in LightBurn. :+1:

That’s going to be a winner, for me.

You are a member of the beta group, right? :wink:

I am… downloading now :slight_smile: Thanks Rick.

Being able to frame a virtual array would be a bonus.

Other than that, great update to the array tool.

does that not work for you? It should.

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And I would like to suggest that any Beta feedback should be provided in the beta group only. Otherwise, something could be missed, and additionally, we want to avoid confusing the current members using public releases, they won’t have the beta features to play with. :wink:

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