Billet aluminum camera housing

Finished the aluminum housing for my 8mp camera. I am working on the base design…just not sure how I want to attached it to my laser.


So Jordon - can you tell me what would be the best camera and housing to get for my Thunder Laser - Nova 51? Got your email from the forums

Trace Calverley

I am not that familiar with Thunder Lasers but from the description it is similar in size to my laser. I went with the 95deg 8MP camera for my machine it provides good coverage of the cut bed. I recommend you use the camera lens calculator to be sure which one is right for your machine.

As for housings you need to roll your own. I made mine from aluminum but there are many examples of housings you can make using a 3D printer or a laser cutter.

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no thrill like overkill… that’s awesome!!!

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Do you sell the case? I want to buy one

You can support your laser materials habit with the sales LOL :joy:



Sure, I would be willing to make you one. My machine queue is full right now so it maybe be a couple weeks before I can make one for you.

$75 for the housing and mount.

I am guessing this is probably a little on the high side but I really hadn’t planned to make these for sale so my CAM files are not optimized for cost. If there is enough interest I could revisit the design and drive out some of the machine time required to make these things.

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Thank you for your reply, timing will work out. Our machine is coming in a couple of weeks. I will reach out to you after that.

Do you have a photo of the mount you can post.