Black etch lines cutting through Basswood

Question: I was trying to cut and etch 1/8" basswood, and the black etch lines actually cut through. Is this because Basswood is so soft? Is there anything I can do about this?

Can we see a picture of your cut settings and picture of your result?

The image on the screen is after I changed all black to blue. This worked. The ornament that is cut out was black. I made sure there was no red. The final good ornament was blue lines.

Oh, I think I see what it is. The black is at 10/85. What should it be?

I have no information to go by. You will need to do material tests each machine is different. But none of those speeds and powers are going to give you good results.

Have you run a Material Test on the wood to identify the proper speed & power combinations to do what you want?

The speeds and powers other folks use on other lasers with other materials have little relevance to your situation.

In particular, the default values for the layers in the Cut Palette are not customized for your machine, so they will not deliver useful results. You must figure out the proper settings, then set them as the defaults:

You should also start building a Material Library so you can pick settings based on whatever material you’re using and the effects you want to achieve:

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