Black image capture with good live preview?

Greetings all,
I am having issues with calibrating the camera in the calibrate camera alignment. I go through the calibrate camera lens with little issue and finish it successfully. When I get to the calibrate camera everything goes well until it comes time to capture the image. My live preview is clear only to have the capture come back black.

I have tried this on 2 Windows 10 pc’s with the same result. I have a Lightburn camera that works in other software with no problems.

Here is a screen of the issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I haven’t seen this before, but try this - In the bottom of the main settings window is a box called ‘Capture System’. Change it from ‘Custom’ to ‘Default’ and try the alignment again.

Hello Oz,
I tried your suggestion to no success. Included are new screens showing changes made.
Thanks for your quick response.

Try with the Custom system again. Set it to custom, quit and re-run LightBurn, then go to Help > Enable Debug Log (at the bottom of the menu). Go through the Camera Alignment again to the point where you capture, then quit.

You should find a file called LightBurnLog.txt in your documents folder. Attach it here.

I have the log but, as a new user, can’t upload attachments.

Email it to with a link to this thread.

When you did the lens calibration, it looks like your results were terrible, and the only ones that got through were "NaN’ which means “Not a Number” (ie, infinity, or other bizarre results).

So I think there’s nothing wrong with the camera image, but the lens distortion code is wiping it out.

Can you show a picture of the circles pattern you have? Is it warped or curled? Did you glue it to something flat?

Ok, so here is where I humbly thank you for your quick, diligent and intelligent assistance. It would seem that the card stock that I was using for the test pattern was a bit too flimsy. I attached the pattern to cardboard and ran the test without issue. In hindsight, I should have burned and cut the test pattern in 3 mil plywood. There is one more issue down and one step closer to done.

I started this as a newbie. Brand new K40 and a Cohesion3d board with your software. I appreciate your help and patience. Wonderful product and GREAT customer service.

Thanks Oz

To be fair, the version you have treats ‘NaN’ as a good result, which is obviously wrong. The next release fixes that too. Slowly we improve. :slight_smile:

I’m happy it was that easy to fix.

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