Black Painted Photo Tile - Vertical Line on Most Tiles

This is frustrating. It’s not easy to get to this level of great looking photos, and then to have the line (always on the left side) forcing me to shrink the pics and use a 7mm boarder as a workaround (I HATE workarounds…). This has been an issue for a while now, looking to this forum for a solution…
I have an AP Lazer 2616, 60 Watt and am using the 1.5" lens. The line appears on both 4" and 6" tiles. again, ALWAYS on the left side.

Look at it in the Preview window and zoom in on the lower left side. If the line appears, it is in your image and can be cropped out. If it is not in Preview, you may have a controller or mechanical issue with your machine.

By the way, that is a seriously good looking image. I should be so lucky.

The issue is only with tiles, and only on the left side. No issue with any other items, so I doubt it’s mechanical/programmatical. I’m thinking it might be a combination of focus and air flow but looking for someone who’s resolved this issue in the past to chime in. Below is my workaround picture that comes out beautiful. It’s only on the tile’s curvature on the left side that is a problem.

If you rotate the image 180°, does the line stay on the left side?

I’m trying this today once I get in the shop. Interesting question - I hadn’t thought of trying that!

Yes, the line is still on the left-hand side when rotating the image 180 degrees and lasering the tile…

Interesting that the whiskers and other details are “printed” over the white line area. How about defining the work area to be 5"x5" (to force the laser head to move beyond the 4" tile) but still use a 4" tile? Does it shift the white line outside the tile area?

Seems like this is related the curvature of the tile and it can’t* be focus because the areas surrounding the white band are lased correctly. And latency (scan offset) or power oscillation seems unlikely since the right side is fine.

Something about the left side radius is causing greater effect of the beam.

Is the beam from m3 to material perfectly plumb? I wonder if it’s hitting that radius at just the right angle to cause greater effect.

I’d be interested to see what happens if you rotate the tile and art 45 degrees or use a tile without a radius.

*never say can’t. Lol.