Black screen when try to calibrate Webcam (LINUX)

Good evening,
I’m trying to set up a 1080P webcam to be able to use it with LightBurn.
If I launch the software under Windows 10 everything seems to work and LightBurn correctly detects the webcam allowing me to calibrate.
But when I try to do the same thing under Linux, the problems start.
The software correctly detects the webcam but the screen is totally black, thus not allowing me to perform the calibration.

The PC I use to work with the laser has a Linux Mint 20 Ulyana (Ubuntu Based) operating system.

Also some times, when I try to activate the webcam, I get a “segmentation Fault” and the software closes.

Looking at the terminal you can see some errors just when trying to activate the webcam.

I attach the screenshot with the errors, waiting for a suggestion / solution.

Thank you in advance.


Officially we support Ubuntu 16+ and Fedora 28+, anything else is “your mileage may vary”.

I haven’t used that specific version of Mint but in previous versions they had an incompatible version of gstreamer that conflicts with that LightBurn is expecting. Also, the framework LightBurn is written in (Qt) has not played well with the Cinnamon desktop environment in our experience.

Does the webcam work in other applications on that Linux install?

Also, can I get the output of ls -al /dev/video* ?
I’m just looking for permissions and owner/group of those devices. Please make sure the webcam is connected when you run that command.

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