Blank Font When Using Text Tool


I’ve imported a font & have been using it for months, however recently when I open the files containing that particular font it says they are missing & when I use the text tool and select the font nothing happens , I can type and the curser moves as though I am typing something however there is no layer being created or visual representation on the screen - just this one font.

Any ideas would be grateful.
I have removed the font from my computer and redownloaded and reset the font however that hasnt helped.

also im still running the version of light burn I originally downloaded in July 2020, as I am unable to update to the latest version for some reason.


Post a screenshot of the problem. It will answer a lot of questions I have.

This screen shot shows that I typed Hello in Ariel font
& then tried to type Hello in Southland font in a seperate text box .

Does the text show up in preview?

No the text does not show up in preview.

Does it show up in other software? Is it an OTF or TTF file?

TTF file and yes I can still use it in pages, & photoshop ect

Click the ‘Welded’ button on the font toolbar, just under the height? Does it show up then?

Nope Welded was already on . and having it either on or off makes no difference.

Can you email the font to us? ( I can’t think of any reason it wouldn’t show up.

Yeah I know ive been using it for 5months in the program and then all of sudden it wont work.
will do :slight_smile:

That’s very strange - If you haven’t updated the software or changed anything else, there should be no reason it would suddenly not work.

I have sent an email the other day . . let me know how it goes / went ??

@Lepeda, here I have the “Southland” font running with our latest beta. No issue for me on macOS. :slight_smile:

@Rick , yes thats what I have been using since august but it now wont work . .

Im running macOS Big Surr Version 11.2.1.

however I dont have the latest LightBurn, I cant log into my license key or attain my license key.

This is helpful as an indicator, so thank you for that. @LightBurn will offer the definitive, but this may be an issue with the platform we use for cross-OS development and the newest macOS.

Ok I was able to update to LightBurn 0.9.20

& my MacBook has been updated to Big Sur 11.2.2

& the font is still blank . nothing . nada it it is the craziest things, especially when other people can run the font .

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