BLDC motor for laser pointing

I want to use a BLDC motor with a SimpleFOCShield+Nucleo-64 to point the laser at a precise angle. Moving to the target angle needs to be as fast as possible. Motors from
Initial questions are:

  • The movement is jerky.
  • When the motor stops at its target, it remains still, silent, with no vibration.
  • But the applied torque is very weak.
    what behaviors should I do to solve the problems

This does not smell like a standard laser project.

In any positioning system with any degree of accuracy, you use either stepper motors or DC motors with resolvers. I think the DC motors in your ad do not qualify because they do not mention resolvers.

The board you selected appears to be capable of the control you are seeking. Smooth precise positioning is possible with this setup, but speed will be limited by the inertia of the system.

Steppers are jerky, as the name does imply
BLDC or standard DC motors with servo/resolvers are usually quite expensive. Have you considered a linear actuator for your project?

In order to really help, we need to know a little bit more about what you are trying to accomplish.

I didn’t see any of the motors in the list that has an encoder implemented within it’s body. A link to the actual motor/encoder you are using would help.

How is this mechanically involved with the actual laser. Are you tilting the laser or ?

If you change the angle of the laser, you will change the distance from the laser to the material. This means a focal adjustment.


This is getting better by the minute!

The galvo heads use lenses specifically designed for projecting a flat focus field…

Thought you might like this


Yeah, I knew they had to correct for focal distance across the flat workarea, but did not know how.