Bleeding on cork

Dear fellow forum members
Can any one tell me what I do wrong when burning on cork.
I have a jtech 3.7w laser and
the pictures are bleeding when I have finish the burning

Without a picture, it is hard to determine what the actual circumstance is. However you may try masking the surface with transfer tape (or strips of painter’s tape if that’s all you have) and see if that helps in your pursuit.

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Please explain what the transfer tape is
I have not heard that before

Thx Jfor the tip Jeff
It worked with normal masking tape

Transfer tape or painters tape leaves less sticky residue on your projects.


Typically used by sign makers to align, transfer, and apply lettering/graphics. Lower tact tape to allow for release without leaving a sticky residue behind and is provided in many widths to make application easier for wider projects. Works great! Here is a good overview article providing greater detail.

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