Blemish on acrylic fill

Hi guys - am still learning! I have a query. I am engravig clear 4mm acrylic. My line engrave is fine, but my fill is leaving blemishes on the acrylic.
My speed 100 - Power 20.

See pic.

Any advice - appreciate it in advance!

You can use tap during the actual engraving process, which you remove afterwards.
But try on a remnant to work a little with your settings, less power e.g. Also very effective is to blow acrylic “dusty” (condensate is more correct) away with a thin jet of air, during engraving.
If you want to use your subject in connection with led light, it is generally better to use relatively little power, the light effect comes out better.

Are the ‘blemishes’ in the direction of your air flow?

What kind of air assist pressure are you using?

I usually leave the thin ‘protection’ layer on the bottom, but remove it on top.


Hi Jack, with my machine I have air-assist on. I have also kept the protection layer on the bottom and removed the top. Maybe a power setting?
Thanks, Dave.

Hi Bernd mate, I have removed the top protection, but to use tape mauy be too fiddly to remove as my project as other factors than th picture. I have air assist on, on my machine. I think your are right, maybe reduce the power mate - I will try that and see…

Thanks again, Dave.


Need to check mate.

That’s where I tend to see it on mine.

Good luck


Thanks mate. I have just reduced my power and so far on a re-run loks okay - Fingers crossed. Cheers Jack!

That’ll work :slight_smile: Good luck


It worked - I reduced the power to 16 from 20, as easy as that. As I say I am learning.
Thanks so so much mate!!!

Doesn’t take much when you are engraving to use ‘too much’.

Take care, hope it all works out ok.


100% mate - thanks again.

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