Blimp Files not my design

After redoing the issues here are the files there are no instructions on assembly you have to do a lot of back and forth looking at the final design I have posted. This is not my design so good luck on the project. I seen it was relisted on etsy. just put in Zeppelin Airship

blimp 1 - Copy.lbrn (2.5 MB)
blimp 2 - Copy.lbrn (559.1 KB)
blimp 3 - Copy.lbrn (1.3 MB)
blimp 4 - Copy.lbrn (102.5 KB)
blimp 5 - Copy.lbrn (388.7 KB)
blimp 6 - Copy.lbrn (108.4 KB)
blimp 7 - Copy.lbrn (841.2 KB)


I told you it’s a big puzzle they do give you a bonus blimp but I didn’t include it. It just made things more confusing.

I think I found instructions to the air ship. While burning wood last night I found this. 3 files on the airship.
One of them is, ( I think) a CDR file? I think this has the inst. on it. I tried to burn it to cd but I’m having
trouble. My cd burning program says it cannot read that type of file or something like that. Anyway here is all 3 files I found. Hope you can burn it and let us know.

Well never mind – LB won’t let me post
airshipbase.cdr or the pdf file that goes with it.
send me message and I’ll try to get them to you.
Maybe the good ole boys & girls at LB will fix this so we can do our thing in sharing.

The quick hack to post files with ‘unauthorized’ extensions is to rename them with .txt on the end. The folks downloading them can edit it back out. Adding .txt also effectively blocks execution when downloaded.

CDR is an extension for a CorelDraw file.

Ok - I got the cdr file to open but no inst. Just the same image as the svg file. Sorry, I thought I found something.