Blocco durante l’incisione (Blockage during engraving)

Salve, ho un problema con la mia atomstack A 30 PRO, in pratica quando faccio partire un’incisione e utilizzo l’air assist la macchina si blocca, a volte subito altre dopo un po’. Sul programma non esce nessuna anomalia, mi dice solo che la macchina è occupata (Busy) e non c’è modo di far ripartire l’incisione se non scollegando il cavo usb e ricollegandolo. A quel punto devo ovviamente ricominciare il lavoro da capo… qualcuno sa darmi supporto in tal senso? Grazie

Hi, I have a problem with my Atomstack A 30 PRO, basically when I start an engraving and use the air assist the machine stops, sometimes immediately and sometimes after a while. The program doesn’t show any anomaly, it just tells me that the machine is busy and there is no way to restart the engraving except by disconnecting the USB cable and reconnecting it. At that point I obviously have to start the work all over again… can anyone give me support in this regard? Thank you

Is this problem only occur when air assist turns on?

Sì solo quando accendo l’air assist

Yes only when I turn on the air assist

This happened to me when I powered the Air assist pump from the same outlet as the laser engraver.

I used a long cord and plugged into a different circuit 8m away. The additional wire length attenuates and reduces EM Interference or Electrical Noise.

It seems silly but it worked for me.

Diciamo che è la stessa motivazione che mi sono dato anche io

Let’s say it’s the same motivation I gave myself too

Does this mean that you have resolved the problem by using an extension cord to a different electrical outlet, or that the problem persists after attempting the suggestion?

I appreciate nuance in language but regrettably, I have to use a digital translator to assist me in Italian. The subtlety and context that you offered didn’t translate into a definitive answer.

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