Blocco inaspettato laser durante la lavorazione (Unexpected laser block during processing)

Buongiorno, possiedo una neje master 2S Max con laser neje A40640. Da qualche giorno, superati 30 minuti di lavorazione la macchina si blocca in modo del tutto inaspettato. Ho provato a cambiare PC, le connessioni seriale sono ok, la macchina è attaccata ad una unità di backup elettronica supplementare per evitare sbalzi di corrente, ma continua a bloccarsi e non capisco perché. Aiutatemi per favore!

Hello, I have a neje master 2S Max with neje A40640 laser. For a few days, after 30 minutes of processing, the machine stops unexpectedly. I tried to switch PCs, the serial connections are ok, the machine is attached to an additional electronic backup unit to avoid power surges, but it keeps crashing and I don’t understand why. Please help me!

Questi sono gli errori che compaiono in consolle. Grazie in anticipo per l’aiuto.

These are the errors that appear on the console. Thanks in advance for the help.

Did the A40640 come with the 2S Max or did you add this later? I’m wondering if you’re drawing too much current from the controller and the controller is failing.

Or possibly the power supply is failing under load.

As a simple test try to unplug the laser module as you run a job. Does the job finish? If so, it’s a good clue that the problem is power related.

Il modulo A40640 l’ho sostituito io dopo. Provvederò ad effettuare la prova che mi suggerisce. Nell’eventualità fosse il modulo troppo potente per la scheda madre, come potrei risolvere il problema continuando però ad utilizzare lo stesso modulo laser?

I replaced the A40640 module afterwards. I will carry out the test he suggests. If the module is too powerful for the motherboard, how could I solve the problem while continuing to use the same laser module?

This is a bug with the 80W laser and the neje board (current to high) there is a update for this to V8.6
my Master S2 pro works fine with 80W and V8.2, Power supply 4A

If current draw is the problem then you have a few choices:

  1. supply separate power to the laser module with a dedicated power supply
  2. if the controller is capable of handling the current then maybe upgrade power supply 4A+
  3. Sounds like this is a known issue as @stupsi has indicated. Not sure how a firmware update will fix this but you should probably follow that advice. It’s possible that they’re simply limiting the highest power level but not sure. Saw this on a neje site:
    Solution of NEJE 2S series devices stop working – NEJE (