Bloqueo de laser Sculpfun S30 (Sculpfun S30 laser lock)

Hola a todos, disculpen tengo una consulta. Al momento de realizar el grabado en termo cuando llega a la mitad del diseño, el laser se detiene y deja de grabar. En la barra de progreso (conteo) sigue avanzando, pero el diseñono lo concluye, es la tercera vez que me sucede eso. Que puedo hacer?

Hello everyone, sorry I have a question. At the time of engraving in a thermos when it reaches the middle of the design, the laser stops and stops recording. In the progress bar (count) it keeps advancing, but the design does not conclude it, it is the third time that happens to me. What I can do?

This may be caused by lost data or EMF (radio) noise entering the communication cable and causing data loss.

If you are running Air conditioning, an air compressor for air assist, a refrigerator or other high current household loads that cause the lights to dip. This could be the cause of the lost signal.

You may also wish to test the DTR setting in Device Settings.

Click Edit, click Device Settings and change the Enable DTR Signal switch. Then Click the OK button at the bottom to change the setting.

The necessity for the DTR setting is unknown. It will depend on what your engraver works well with.


As John said, it’s most likely a communication problem. Sculpfun lasers are also known to have problems with the delivered USB cable, you might test to exchange the cable and test if the error is reduced.

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