Blue scren on trial version

Good morning,
I’m new on Lightburn and I downloaded it to try before ordering.
Unfortunately, it’s impossible to ry it because each time I try to start Lightburn, I have a bleu screen.

This is a trial version.

It worked the first time, when I downloaded and install it but now, it don’t work.

Have an idea why this problem?

Thank you for your help.

Which operating system are you running?

Operating systemis Win7 - 32

And you have downloaded the 32 bit version, I assume? I’ve never seen LightBurn cause a blue-screen crash before. Can you try running Windows Update to see if your system is current?

LigthBurn worked immediately after nstalled but after restarting the computer, I have now bleu screen

Try this: When you run LightBurn, hold the Shift key. That bypasses the code that restores the window positions. Sometimes they get corrupted, so this will help if that is the issue.

ok, thanks, I will try
I’ll say you if it’s running or not

I uninstall LightBurn, clean registry and computer with Ccleaner and install LB again.

It worked immediately and now I restarded the computer and worked again.

I don’t know why I had blue screen previously, but now it’s OK.

Unfortunately, I arrive at the end of the trial period without really tested the software…

Post your trial ID here and I can extend it for you.

OK, many thanks

I think that you are speaking about this?


Yes - I’ve added two more weeks.

Thank you but when I start the programm just now thea are still 7 days before end of trial licence.

Click the “Extend Trial” button again to force a resync with the server.

Thank you very much, it’s working.

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