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I connected my Sculpfun s9 with hc-06 Bluetooth module and everything seems to work well. In manual mode, I can control jogging, framing, etc. But when I run image engraving laser just stops to move some time after, “busy” timer continues to count seconds, but the laser is turned off and doesn’t move anymore.
Worth to mention I don’t have any issues running the same engraving job with USB connection.
I’m on Mac running Catalina, LightBurn v1.2.01

I move my laptop and laser back and forth every time I need to engrave something, so I would like to avoid a wired connection. Can anybody help me to fix this?

LightBurnLog.txt (195.1 KB)

Another thing is I can’t use wired connection anymore. With bluetooth connected to the laser Lightburn recognises laser via USB but doesn’t react to any commands.

LightBurn explicitly filters out Bluetooth devices on MacOS because practically all of them are things like Bluetooth headphones that will crash the framework system we use when we try to talk to them.

Bluetooth is not a reliable enough connection method for LightBurn to work properly.

well, that’s not true. HC-06 is NOT headphone or HID device. I guess if something is not supported it shouldn’t connect to the Lightburn. Should this be considered a bug?

If you don’t want to have a wired connection, I would recommend using a Raspberry Pi with OctoPrint and the bettergrbl Plugin. Or you can also connect a small display to the mainboard serving as sdcard-reader. Here is some docu about it: Laser Remote Control - Diode Laser Wiki

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