Board encrypted contact provider

ok something I’ve not had yet is the message in the header i don’t even know the passwords to see if that will reset the board
im totally locked out of any cutting what’s so ever

if anyone can help on this bit id be greatful


Have a bad feeling your supplier didn’t finish paying for the controller. Ruida does sell them to manufacturers on consignment, and they have a limited number of days before the end user is locked out. It is also possible that they just never entered the unlock code before it was shipped. First contact is who you bought it from, the second would be to Ruida directly. I’ll ask Ruida and see what I can find.

hiya I’ve contacted the seller see what happens

i found a little piece whilst trolling thru solutions it can be reset through rd works with the pass RD8888 then unlock the board

Ah, when you said locked up, I thought you meant non-operational. Yes, the standard password for Ruida controllers is RD8888