Bodor Co2 Laser for sale $7300

Laser is SOLD

Bodor BCL-1006X Laser cutting and engraving machine $7300.00
100 watt (1450mm Length.)Laser cutter engraver
Bought new and used for hobby purposes.
Like new condition, cuts and engraves perfectly.

Will demonstrate before purchase.
Reason for sale is I purchased a larger version of the same Laser, that’s how much I like it.

Machine Specs

• 1000*600mm Usable Table
• GENUINE SPT Co2 Laser tube (Rated Power 110w, Max Power 130w)
• 110/220v 60 Hz Power Supply (Machine Wired for 220v)
• Optical 101.6mm Focal Length Lens
• 0-60000mm/Min Engraving Speed/0-40000mm/Min Cutting Speed
• 4000 Dpi Highest Scanning Position
• 0.01mm Locating Accuracy
• Industrial Original S&A CW5000 Water Chiller
• Exhaust Fan And Piping
• RD Laserwork Laser Control System (Color Separation)
• Operate the Machine Directly by Coreldraw X3, X6, or X7
• Run Under Windows 10 Operating System
• Back Opening to Put Long Material Through
• Large Analog Ampere Meter plus Ampere Meter built into Rudii controller display
• Wifi Control
• Big Eye Large Transparent Viewing Window
• 3 In 1 Closed Beam
• Taiwan Imported Square Guide Rail. (Hiwin Rail)
• Japan Omron Electronic Device
• LED Lighting
• Stainless Steel Fastening Screws.
• The Light of Cross Red Positioning.
• Chuck Style Rotary Table
• Continual Engraving with Power Failure
• Protective Cover Interlock Function.
• Protective Water Flow Interlock to Prevent Machine Operation When Water is not
Flowing Through Laser Tube
• Motorized Up and Down Work Table, 240mm
• Knife Blades Table

Hi @Ram48

Looks like a nice machine. I have a few questions

Where is the machine located ?
How long have you had it?
How many hours in the CO2 tube?
Water Cooler?

And most importantly…How much?



$7300 cost new is over 11k plus tax and shipping
and no customs search on this one :wink:
Located in Charlotte NC
It will fit in the bed of a pick up
I would say under 100 laser time hours, and most likely nowhere near that.
Real S&A 5000 chiller
I have had is since new under three years and this is my second tube a little over a year old, I messed up the original (don’t ask LOL) Russ sadler used it as a teaching aid in one of his videos.
Yes both blower and Air

Oh My new Bodor just crossed the Panama Canal today and should reach NY by weeks end, I am hoping Customs don’t mess it up like they did yours, I do have it bonded so maybe that will help, but I have no idea.
Turns out the ISF number was issued in time before shipping and it was a communications / paperwork error.

Don’t get me wrong but I read your laser tube as a 100 Watt and not a 130 Watt laser. Maybe that picture is from your first tube?

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Good catch, thanks. it is indeed a 100 watt tube dont know what I was thinking.

Laser Is SOLD
My 1300 x 900 due in this week