Bolding lines on my design but not on Lightburn

I have a X-Tool D1, I used to have a K40 and all my designs were engraved perfectly directly from Corel Draw, however, after exporting them to DXF and SVG with this laser and the software I have a little bit of a hard time making lines that in my design are ticker or bold and when I engraved them on this Laser are really thin. I have tried some different settings like Fill + Line but is not getting me there.

How do I make Lightburn respect the thickness of the lines that I’m exporting on the file? Are there any settings I’m missing? I don’t want to re-desing all my stuff on Lightburn again.

Thank you!

I didn’t think that dxf/svg files contain line thickness information, that’s news to me.

Can you post them?


Sorry my mistake, I was trying to said that on my design the lines is bold however when I export them to those formats they convert it to a thin line instead.

Might try exporting a pdf or some other format…


Convert the stroke to a path before exporting. This will preserve the width of the stroke as an enclosed shape. If you use a Fill operation it will leave the line thick. If you’re working in CorelDraw there’s really little reason to use DXF if the target is LightBurn. Stick to SVG.

I don’t understand how this would have been any different with your K40, however. It might be that the laser focus dot was wider than the diode laser and gave you the look you wanted without doing so. But the finer the laser do the more apparent this will be.

Thank you for the tip, however it doesn’t do it, still same tin line when I export it (see the pictures) First one is on Coreldraw second one is the export file on LightBurn


Can you upload the .svg file that you exported here please?

Here is the sample I’m working, thank you :slight_smile:

I want to mention that I also have been reading some stuff here and there, and also install the Macro to export from CorelDraw to LightBurn but this didn’t do any diference.

RU has covered it but wanted to point out that the SVG file that you posted did not seem to have the outline converted to path. Looks like this is accomplished with the approach RU has listed.

Thanks for replying and help, I think I did convert them to objects, as you can see that option is greyed

Got it guys, Thank you so much for your help, I still need to do a lot of work converting some of my old designs. Now I just need to figure out how I can send it to the Laser, I guess is Fill + Line and figure out the settings on my X-tool D1

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