Bonnie & Clyde and WW2 on wood. Can i do passes in isolated areas of image?

Hey Guys,

Just wondering, is their a function that allows you to select a certain area on the image and have the laser run over that area with a few more passes but not the rest of the image? I did this image of Clyde in front of his v8 and i did 2 passes. I didnt get the license plate, i thought if i had this function i could potentially have just given that area a quick pass or two with out making the darker areas in the rest of the image darker. I did 70 power at 600 dpi on half-tone mode on custom wood with a Ortur Laser M2. I tried using Dither, my settings were too inaccurate so i got my best result with Half-tone. The other image is my mates grandfather from the war times. Not super happy with that either but best i have done - same settings. Open to improvement advice. Thanks all

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