Boolean Difference greyed out

I’m trying to clip the area within the Blue shapes using Boolean Difference but it’s greyed out.
Everything is ungrouped and converted to paths already, but still no luck.

Boolean operations work on closed areas only. This looks like you are trying to clip lines and open shapes.

I’m trying to delete everything that’s outside the blue mountain areas. I can do this easily in Illustrator with a clipping mask. The problem is Lightburn won’t recognize clipping mask’s and they show when exported to LB. Guess I’ll have to delete them by hand which takes ages.
I would like to be able to do this in lightburn as it would shorten my workflow. Any plans for adding masking in the future?

There is a plan to have a generic ‘cutting’ operation, which would be similar to boolean, but more general case, made to split jobs into sections, but it would do what you’re looking for here.

That would be awsome, I would edit the majority of my Maps in LB if it was added.

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