Boolean function and layers issue

I am working with graphics that I am using the Boolean function to ‘mask’ the graphics to a shape. I have three different layers in the graphics that need to be ‘masked’. Two of the layers are line and one is a fill.

When I try and use the Boolean function the result is all the layers are changed to a single layer. I’m attaching a before and after image.

I think that’s the way it works. Seems simple to go back and put them on separate layers.

Hi Ernie, Boolean Operations can sometimes be a little trikki …
I think you need to use the feature single per layer and sometimes you also have to duplicate a layer to retain the original selection.
You can send the file and I will try to make a “demo”.

This is a big file with a lot of graphics. It’s a perpetual calendar and I took everything out except the part that I posted about. I’ve never heard about the single per layer feature. Thanks for taking a look.
Boolean.lbrn2 (149.0 KB)

Good morning, I’ve looked at your file. I have imagined something other than what you have sent and therefore responded to a solution with Boolean Operations.
But you (I) can’t use Boolean operations for just this task.
Instead, it is “Cut Shapes” that can be used here. However, the condition is that your cutting tool is not a group, so it requires 4 actions to get the result. But it is still much easier and quick as manually editing the file.

Good morning Bernd, Thank you very much for the video. In this case I only need to do the first step. The other three shapes are cutouts and it won’t matter if those get engraving on them.

I really want to thank you for taking your time to help.

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