Boolean functions not working

I am having trouble with Boolean subtract and all other Boolean functions.
I open a new page, draw 2 overlapping circles, select one, then the other, and when I click on the subtract nothing happens.
test.lbrn2 (13.8 KB)
Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Are you doing an additive selection to the second? They both need to be selected for the boolean to work. Two and only two objects must be in the selection.


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Thanks so much.
Somehow I missed the fact that instead of selecting one then the other I needed to select the first and second ones together.

Did a little searching for the wording I have shared in the past. :wink: This might help…

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@Rick, I like this mnemonic but I’m curious since I think about this in reverse. I’m more “To that, do this”. So for a boolean difference I’d first select the shape from which you want to subract, and then the shape with which you’re subtracting.

I’m questioning myself now or perhaps LightBurn has a configurable selection setting that I’ve missed?

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From further down that post…

Yes, I may have stated that backwards. Oz wouldn’t, so added here :point_up: :slight_smile:

Ah… Thank you. Did not read through the whole topic.

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