Boolean Issue with SVG

I am new to Lightburn. I have 20+ years in Adobe. I am basically trying to cut a shape out of a puzzle. I can normally do this in “pathfinder” in Illustrator.

If I bring the puzzle shape in as an SVG it imports as a single line, like I want it. But this image, cannot be cut with the boolean function. If I bring in an image like a GIF (and image trace), I can cut its with the boolean function, no problem, but the puzzle imports as individual shapes. Why are the boolean functions not available with the SVG? What file type would import correctly? The images are closed path shapes. Thanks for your help!

Hi Laura. Boolean functions work on exactly two objects. One or both of them can be groups, and both have to be closed paths. Is the puzzle just lines?

The fact that it’s an SVG won’t be the issue - it’ll be something to do with the shapes you’'e trying to use with the Boolean functions. Can you post a picture of the two things you’re trying to Boolean?

The puzzle is a solid shape- its only dashed because it was selected when I took the screen shot. Thanks!

TEXAS.lbrn (336.3 KB)

The puzzle looks like it is lines, not closed shapes. Boolean functions work on overlapping areas of shapes. For example, the outline of a single puzzle piece would work, but the design you show here looks like it is a rectangle outline with the puzzle lines drawn in the middle, and we don’t have an option for cutting a shape with just lines at this time.

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