Boolean or cut help

I am trying to create a three layer svg file to create a camouflage design on tumblers and I have gone through all the Boolean assistant tools and even weld, but I am not able to find the right option for my design. When I stack two of the three design, both have patterns (one is a star the other is diagonal lines), and I want to be able to delete one pattern where they overlap. If I union, it combines both. If I use difference it only leaves part of the image and neither subtract creates the desired effect. So say I want the star pattern on top and everywhere that it overlaps the diagonal pattern I want to subtract just that portion. My third pattern is just a full engrave, no pattern, just removing the powder coating in those areas and is easy to accomplish. Any and all help will be appreciated.

Can you provide a visual of what you’re trying to do?

Take just the outline of the shape that you want to preserve and duplicate it. Use that to do a boolean subtraction against the shape with the pattern that you don’t want seen. This will leave a perfectly shaped gap where the original shape will show through.


Oh, great idea. I will try that now!

Thank you so much, been working on this for way too many hours. This worked perfect!

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