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I am uploading a file to to help with my question. I want to be able to create text and have it join the top part and the bottom parts together so when it’s cut on the laser it become a name sign for a hairdresser family member. So far I’ve not had any success. Sometimes I’ll get the name lined up and try either the Weld feature or Boolean union to join them all together. From some of the tutorials I’ve watched, it seems that I can only use these features on 2 objects but not more - so I’ve tried several ways. 1) I’ve tried to bring the name close to the top portion and use one of these features - no luck… 2) I’ve tried grouping the top and the bottom as one and bring the name into it then tried one of those features… nada
In my uneducated confusion, I’ve even tried using the node editing feature to bring lines together by breaking and extending lines but that causes so much confusion and inevitably I get some section or node that won’t link up again. I could even be trying to use the wrong feature for all I know. I’ve got less than 3 months experience on Lightburn or any such program. Someday I hope to grow up to be just like y’all and know so much I can help others.
I’m having breakthroughs little by little but I’m pulling my hair out in the process and I don’t have much left to begin with. I have been watching tutorials and learn more each time. I’m working to make this as concise as possible for the forum - still because I don’t know what I’m doing right or wrong, I don’t know even how to explain it well.
Blank.lbrn (257.5 KB)

Looking at this file, I would group the upper shapes, then group the lower shapes, then select both groups and group again, so everything is a single group (containing 2 other groups).

Type your name and place as desired. Now select the name, then hold shift and select the group of shapes, so both are now selected. You will then have access to the boolean tools. I show using the ‘Boolean Assistant’ and selecting the ‘Union’ option to join the text to the shapes. :slight_smile:

Grouped Shapes

Select group of shapes and the text, then pick Boolean Assistance from the ‘Tools’ menu

Choose ‘Union’


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Thanks Rick! Worked like a charm. Breaking it down into simple steps as you showed helped a great deal. Doing it the other way I found it so very confusing. Using this simple procedure going forward will help me master this little by little.

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Awesome. Glad to offer assistance. Once you play with this a bit, it will become second nature in no time. :slight_smile:


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