Boolean subtract 2 shapes

I am trying to use boolean subtract on two shapes but when I press the icon nothing happens.
What am I doing wrong?

Yes I have both shapes selected but boolean subtract is not active, weld is.
One part has been grouped and consists of many parts is this why it doesn’t work?

I’m still on version and have had the same issue but ungrouping any grouped object resolved the problem. I’m also on Windows 10 so will update to and see if that changes.

Theoretically, if you boolean subtract from a grouped object and multiple objects in the group are affected, I wonder what the results would be if you then ungrounded it?

To go down the rabbit hole a bit further, since a grouped object can be made up of grouped objects, same question as above?

is it possible one of the shapes is just a line? I have found that often imported files I try to use are not actually whole shapes but a collection of lines, and that doesnt play right with boolean.

It was imported from makeabox and yes I think you are correct it is a collection of lines that when grouped make a side of a box. If I opened the file in GIMP first
would that make it 1 shape?

If your shape is a vector shape, you wouldn’t want to open it in GIMP. GIMP is a raster program.

LightBurn does allow Boolean tool use for closed shapes, as single shapes, a group of shapes, or a group of groups of shapes. Below, I show this using the Boolean Assistant (Ctrl + B / ⌘ + B mac).

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Any idea why boolean assist is not available?

Are these closed shapes? Modifier Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation

In this example, while it may look like I have a rectangle shape and a group of circles, so the Boolean modifiers should be active, they are not. :man_shrugging: This is because the rectangle shape is not a closed path shape, which is required for the Boolean tools.

Thank you! that worked well I now have a perfect semi circle cut out of my box lid.

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